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Module 2 Sporting events 难点解析-教师频道-【 扬州家教网 - YZJJW.NET】
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Module 2 Sporting events 难点解析
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   1.I am delighted to have been invited to your school to talk to you about the history and significance of the Olympic Games.


    (1)delight 作名词是“快乐,乐事”。例如:

    We were wild with delight when we heard the news.


    To the delight of the child,his father bought a bike for him.


    To his delight,he succeeded in the Entrance Exami-nations.



    The news delighted the whole nation.


    delighted 作形容词是“自己感到满意的,自己感到愉快的”。

    He is delighted at / by the results.


    She is delighted with your work.


    We were very delighted at the good news.(when we heard the news)


    (2)significance n. 意义,重要性

    significance和 importance都是指重要的、有影响的或者值得注意或尊敬的状况或性质。


    Your vote can be of real significance in the outcome of the election.



    The importance of a proper diet in maintaining health should not be disregarded.


    In this profession, training and experience are of equal importance.


    Cartoonists are considered by some to be artists of secondary importance.


    2.I'll briefly share some interesting facts and stories with you, so we can save time for questions at the end.


    briefly adv. 简短地;简洁地

    Please tell me briefly what happened.


    He already spoke very briefly tonight.


    He always speaks briefly.


    brief adj.       简短的;简洁的

    He rose and made a brief speech.


    He gave a brief introduction at first.


    In brief, he is no longer a stranger here.


    His explanation was brief and to the point.


    3.At the ancient games, the athletes were all men and they had to compete wearing no clothes.


    (1)compete vt. 比赛,竞赛。例如:

    Although there were only 4 horses competing, it was an exciting race.


    All these countries competed in the trade(贸易).


    competitor n. 竞赛者,比赛者。例如:

    The number of the competitors is 40.


    competition n. 比赛;竞争(作“比赛”解时是可数名词,作“竞争”解时是不可数名词)例如:

    It was a friendly competition.


    There is more competition than before.


    (2)compete wearing no clothes相当于compete without wearing clothes。

    He went to school eating no food/nothing. =He went to school without eating anything.


    4.Unmarried women are allowed to take part in their own competition at a separate festival in honour of the wife of the Greek god Zeus.



    Nobody is allowed to hunt here.


    Allow me to present my friend to you.


    I'm sorry,but it's not allowed.


    Mother doesn't allow me to go out at night.


    They didn't allow smoking here.


     (2)take part in参加大型的集体活动,并且表示在里面以积极的态度起作用。例如:

    I took part in the sports meet.


    Did you take part in the meeting yesterday?



    Bob will separate the bad apples from the good ones.


    He separated the boys from the girls.

    Please cut it into three separate parts.


    Keep the onions separate from the bread or they'll make it smell.


    live separate


    The children sleep in separate beds.


    (4)in honour of 为纪念, 为庆祝

    A celebration was held in honour of the Party's birthday.


    A dinner was given in honour of the delegation.


    be honoured as 被尊为……。

    She is honoured as a model teacher.


    It is an honour to do=sb. has the honour to do 某人荣幸地干……

    I have the honour to inform you that you have got the first.


    It is an honour to me to attend the meeting.


    5.Only Greek men were allowed to compete.


    在此句中Only Greek men 做主语, 不需要倒装。但在复合句中语序需倒装。例如:

    Only in this way can you learn English well.


    Only when you reach 18 can you join the army.


    Only then did I realize the importance of mastering English grammar rules.


    6.His dream was that the Olympic Games would make impossible for countries and people to live peacefully and side by side.


    side by side = close together with并肩地;紧挨地

    I saw two pictures hanging side by side on the wall over the sofa.


    I saw them sitting side by side on the long chairs.


    注意不要在名词前加冠词。类似的还有:hand in hand 并进;联合;手牵着手;和……一道;密切联系。neck and neck并驾齐驱,不相上下,势均力敌; shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩;arm in arm 臂挽臂。例如:

    Doctors and nurses work hand in hand to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.


    The two sportsmen ran neck and neck until the very end.


    The soldiers and villagers fought against the flood shoulder to shoulder.


    They walked along the riverbank arm in arm.


    7.Haile Gebrselassie from Ethiopia is widely recognized as the greatest distance runner of all time.

    来自埃塞俄比亚的海里. 哥卜斯拉塞被广泛认为水整个时期最伟大的长跑运动员。

    be recognized as意为“认为……是真的”。

    Smoking is recognized as a leading cause of lung cancer.


    Mao Zedong's words has ever been recognized as the greatest truth.


    8.In 1995 he broke the world record for the 10 km run and won the gold at both the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

    break the record 意为“打破记录”。

    He did rather well,but failed to break the record.


    The athlete did everything he could to break the record.


    9.At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Liu Xiang excited people all over Asia when he became the first Asian to win the gold medal in the men's 110-meter hurdles.


    excited 是“使兴奋,被感到”。

    Don't get excited, boys and girls.


    He is easily excited.


    It's nothing to get excited about.


    All who heard the news were excited.


    He was so excited that he couldn't say a word.


    As he read on, I became excited.

    当他往下念时, 我变得激动起来。

    10.There are some of the Olympians who have brought joy to people across the world with their attempts to push the limits of human achievement.



    The men who have made a lot of money do not know what to do with their money.


    A famous writer who/whom the Japanese invited to give a lecture at a university was visiting Japan now.


    (2)短语with their attempts 用作状语意为“他们在试着努力推动”。

    attempt意为“尝试, 企图” 动词,例如:

    I attempted to read the entire novel in one afternoon.


    The boys attempted to leave the house, but were stopped by their parents.


    You're still very weak. Don't attempt to get up.


    The prisoners attempted to escape / an escape, but failed.



    We will make a new attempt to solve the problem.


    11.We are looking forward to seeing more of them in the coming Olympics Games.


    looking forward to(跟名词/动名词)意为“期望……”。

    They looked forward to seeing him again.


    The children are looking forward to the New Year.


    We are looking forward to having a party at the weekend.


    The children are looking forward to the Spring Festival.


    I've been looking forward to it.


    I look forward to your early reply.


    12.I have been very busy training for my next competition.


    Be busy doing sth.意为“忙于……”。

    The doctors are busy operating on the patient.


    You are not busy doing anything, are you?


    I was busy doing my homework all the time yesterday afternoon.


    13.A lot of successful players use a staring technique to make their opponents uncomfortable.


    technique n. (常作可数名词)技术;方法

    This will lead to the development of new techniques.


    There are various teaching techniques that have to be learned before one can teaches well.


    He is learning the technique of painting.


    The special technique has been passed down over four generations.


    【辨析】technique 和 technology

    technique 是可数名词,指做某事的方法或者技巧。technology 常作不可数名词,指经过科学和工业的生产过程的技术。例如:

    advanced techniques 先进的技术。

    chemical technology 化学工艺。

    space technology 空间技术。

    science and technology 科学和技术。

    14.Today, players from China, South Korea and Germany among others play leading roles in the international table tennis competition.


    (1)leading  adj. 意为“主导的, 最主要的,领导的,一流的”。例如:

    The development of technology in many fields in our country has reached the leading level of the world.


    Mrs Green always plays the leading part / role.


    Einstein was greatly respected as the leading scientist.


    (2)play a role in “在……中起作用”。

    He wishes to take (play) the role of a king.


    Both of them wanted to play (take) the leading role.


    The U.N. plays an important role in international relations.


    Electricity plays an important part (role) in our daily life.


    15.Next, it must be practiced by men in at least 75 countries on at least four continents and practiced… 其次,要在至少四个大陆上的至少七十五个国家的男子中进行练习。

    practise vt.练习,实践。后面跟动名词。例如:

    I practised a year before I was able to teach.


    The team is practising for the match on Sunday.


    I practise playing the piano every day.


    类似的词还有:finish, enjoy , advise, allow, permit, forbid, deny, appreciate, consider, can't help, give up, put off…   这些词后面都要用名词作宾语。


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